Gao Peng Cuisine has made its foray to the North of Singapore by opening its 2nd flagship restaurant at Junction Nine (Yishun) on 8 June 2017!

Gao Peng Cuisine’s 2nd flagship restaurant aspires to provide a holistic dining experience with hand-crafted quality all-day dim sum that are freshly made daily and a range of delectable home-style dishes in a casual environment for customers.

Paul Peh Teik Hoe
Executive Chef, Gao Peng Cuisine

At the helm of Gao Peng Cuisine is Executive Chef Paul Peh, a dim sum connoisseur, who has amassed more than 25 years of experience under his belt. Executive Chef Paul Peh currently oversees all culinary aspects of Gao Peng Cuisine for both restaurants at White Sands Shopping Mall and Junction Nine.

Culinary Experience
2015 to present Executive Chef, Gao Ji Food (S) Pte Ltd
2006 to 2013 Dim Sum Chef – Breeze, The Dome at Lebua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
2004 to 2006 Sous Chef, Yauatcha Restaurant, London, United Kingdom, the first Chinese
restaurant in Europe to be awarded a Michelin Star rating in Year 2005
1994 Member of pre-opening team at The Syuen Hotel Ipoh
1992 2nd Commis, Shang Palace Kitchen, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

With his wealth of cross-cultural experience from renowned establishments such as Michelin-star rated Yauatcha Restaurant in London; Breeze – The Dome at Lebua Hotel Thailand and Malaysia, Executive Chef Paul Peh takes pride in challenging himself to bring new dimensions into his dim sum and culinary creations by ingeniously blending both Chinese and Western ingredients together through their flavours and presentation.

Being a talented chef with flair for creativity and attention to detail, his flawlessly executed dim sum and culinary creations are both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and a delight for the palate. Expressing the notion that “Good food is his heart and his life”, Executive Chef Paul Peh’s passion for food and promise to delight customers with his culinary creations are testament to his dedication and lifelong journey to keep abreast of culinary trends.

Salted Egg lovers must try our signature Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun house special. Served fresh and piping hot, every bite into this delectable dim sum dish oozes copious amounts of salted egg goodness, which will satisfy all your salted egg cravings.

Another must-try House Special is the Crispy Bean Curd Roll Cheong Fun, which provides a modern twist to the traditional steamed rice rolls. The layer of Bean Curd Skin together with a combination of succulent prawns, dried shiitake mushroom and black fungus fillings provides texture, creating an added crunch against the soft steamed rice rolls. Served till 5pm daily.

Popular among the young and old alike, relish the traditional taste of our hand-made Lo Mai Kai, a classic dim sum dish featuring a savoury concoction of glutinous rice, tender chicken meat, mushroom and Chinese Sausage.

Our latest house speciality is the Homemade Fish Dumpling, which is made from scratch by kneading fish paste, chopped chilli and spring onions together by hand. Firm and bouncy yet soft to the bite, this dish requires skillful technique to perfect this texture. Hardly found in Singapore, this must-try dish that is served on top of a bed of bean curd skin is a winner with its fresh flavour, which comes from the delectable fish paste.

Commonly known as Xiao Long Bao, our hand crafted Steamed Pork Dumpling features the perfect combination of succulent minced meat and tasty soup broth tucked within thin and resilient skin. Best eaten with shredded ginger and a dash of vinegar, experience bursts of delight with every mouthful of this ubiquitous dish. Available only on weekends at Junction Nine.

Culinary Creations

Once a rare delicacy, truffles have moved into the culinary spotlight. Presenting another creative culinary creation that is served up with a modern twist and requires great effort and time during preparation – Steamed Cod Fish with Emperor Black Truffle Sauce. Shaped like a ball, the steamed cod fish is complemented with a mix of chopped mushrooms and diced carrots for added texture and drizzled with a mix of black truffle and soy sauce for robust flavour. Available only on weekends at Junction Nine.

Similar to the style of eating for Peking Duck, the meat from the Fragrant Crispy Duck ($13.80+ (Regular) / $26+ (Half)) is first torn into shreds before being wrapped in the perfect combination of steamed flour crepes together with a mix of cucumber, leeks and a specially-concocted sauce. Each mouthful of the juicy, aromatic duck meat is akin to an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

A twist to the usual marmite chicken, our Yuzu Marmite Chicken is coated with a unique blend of Yuzu Marmite Sauce. Served with generous amounts of pomelo and pickled green mango toppings, every bite of this dish will whet your appetite with its tangy, sweet and savoury taste and is best served with steamed white rice.

The latest palatable addition is Chicken with Garlic & Scallions in Homemade Sauce. This aromatic dish comprises of juicy and tender chicken meat, served with generous toppings of fragrant scallions, grated ginger and fried garlic that permeates the air. This dish is best eaten with white rice, where spoonfuls of the toppings can be scooped together with the chicken onto your rice for a flavourful meal.

The latest addition to our Salted Egg series is this lip-smacking appetiser – Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg. The Soft Shell Crab is deep-fried till crispy and each bite oozes fragrant salted egg sauce into your mouth. This is a must-order for both Salted Egg and Crab Lovers, who can enjoy mouthfuls of crab without deshelling it.

Step into congee heaven with our latest premium congee variation that is served in a claypot – Claypot Congee with Dried Scallops, Fish Dumpling & Spinach. With its rich and savoury flavour from the combination of homemade fish dumplings, spinach and dried scallop ingredients, this exquisite congee dish is a well-balanced and nutritious meal that is popular among the young and old alike.

Noodle fans will love our rendition of the popular Wanton Noodles (Dry / Soup), which is served up with a twist. The gargantuan wantons are freshly wrapped daily with pork and prawn fillings, mushroom and shreds of black fungus to give it a delectable crunch and added texture. The overall flavour is perfectly executed with the specially concocted fragrant soy sauce that is well-absorbed by the noodles.


Junction Nine (Yishun)
Address: 18 Yishun Ave 9,
#02-33 S(768897)
Tel: (65) 6352 7855
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

White Sands Shopping Mall (Pasir Ris)
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3,
#02-12/13/14 S (518457)
Tel: (65) 6385 4901
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

Being at the forefront of the food & beverage landscape in Singapore, Gao Ji Food places great emphasis on staying abreast of new developments in consumer and food trends and constantly leverages on its 63 years of experience to innovate and create a variety of brands to cater to the changing needs of society. All of Gao Ji Food’s outlets, regardless of brand, bear our hallmark values of great quality asian food at value-for-money prices. Our emphasis on speed, convenience, affordability, coupled with sincere hospitality and commitment to food quality, is evident across all of Gao Ji Food’s outlets. Gao Ji Food (S) Pte Ltd is a 4th time consecutive winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 – Heritage Brands category and was awarded the Most Popular Heritage Brand in 2013 and 2016. This is testament to Gao Ji Food’s foothold in Singapore’s F&B industry.

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