A good plate of braised duck rice is hard to find even though this has been one of the popular dish locally. We are talking about the Teochew version with the debone duck, which most stalls either failed to soften the meat and/or make the rice more fragrant.

Yu Kee could be the only duck rice seller we found that has done it correctly. Anyway, it sure tells alot about their culinary skill when they have about 28 outlets round the island, which probably makes them the largest duck rice chain in Singapore!

There were more pleasant surprises on the plate of Yu Kee duck rice. We were told that the duck was treated with 10 different kind of herbs and spices, thereby leaving nice traces of sweet bitterness on the sauce as well. The same sauce was also used to stew the sides, like braised egg, dried bean curb, and peanuts. The rice was also made using the sauce and this was something different from other stalls which typically serves either the yam rice or white rice.

Now one important thing that you must not missed when having Yu Kee duck rice is the chilli. It was packed with generous amount of ikan bilis so good that we usually took 3-4 table spoonful! We are not exaggerating here, just look at the photo for proof. The service staff could not hold back their displeasure looks but we were shameless. Of course, the duck rice was already delicious on its own but the chilli will certainly give it the “power up”! No worries Yu Kee, we finished every bit of the chilli!

Besides offering the value for money specialty duck rice Рit was only $4.50 for a reasonably large serving РYu Kee also have the kway chap, duck noodles and porridge. We have visited their outlet just opposite Bugis Junction for this review but we have already tried their braised duck rice in many of their other outlets and the good taste was fairly consistent.  Well done Yu Kee!  Please keep up with the excellent work!




Stall name: Yu Kee
Address: 516 North Bridge Road, Liang Seah Street (opposite Bugis Junction), Singapore 188740
Tel: 64818128
Price: Set meal for 2 at S$12.90

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