Almost everyone loves curry. We actually wanted to exclude the word “Almost” but think we better play conservative. Otherwise, we could not imagine who would not be a fan.

Widely believe to be originated from India when it was a British colony, curry is now available anywhere in the World and with varied composition of ingredients in accordance to culture likings.  In Japan, it is one of the most favourite dish among its people, so much so that their largest curry company, House Foods Corperation had applied to patent curry in 1999.

The outcome of the case is unknown but House Foods Corperation has since grown over 1,280 branches in Japan, USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philipines with their associated brand, CoCo Ichibanya. They have 5 branches in Singapore and we have patronised their latest Plaza Singapura outlet for this reivew.


Similar to many Japanese restaurant nowadays, CoCo Ichibanya has a cabinet of lovely wax display of their dishes at the entrance so that it is easier for the customers to decide what they want while waiting in the queue line. The restaurant’s frontage has the coming home feel with that double leaf door and half round transom.



The brightly-lit interior was thoughtfully layout; there were seats for large group and segment for family of 4.  The loner seats, which were lined along the ceiling to floor window offers the best view of Dhoby Guat.

Curry is certainly dominating on Coco Ichibanya’s menu and they offer the unqiue concept to customize your order.  You pick the curry dish you like then indicate the quantity of rice, follow by selecting the level of spiciness and complete with the type of toppings.

We ordered the Omu (omelette rice) Kinoko, Omu Pork Cutlet, and chicken wings as main dishes.  For desserts, we have the Mocha Cake and single scoop of mocha ice cream.






It was visually appealing to see the yellow omelette “island” surrounded by the sea of brownish curry sauce. We have requested for the “standard” and “hot” (level 2) spiciness, which tasted decently good.  Perhaps the maximum level of “crazy hot” could be better but we shall leave it to those more adventurous. The pork cutlet was crispy enough but the flesh was tough and dry when we have it on its own. The minced Kinoko (mushroom) did not do much to enhance the dish as the curry was overpowering everything else on the plate. The chicken wings looks appetizing with sprinkle of sesame but it was just another typical fare.



Finally the desserts.  The matcha aroma was strong on both cake and ice cream.  We are not fans of green tea – there were not many choices of desserts on the menu hence we have go for the more unique flavour – but the desserts were good for us.  The slice cake nicely layered the cheese, red bean paste, and macha whereas the ice cream goes well with the accompanied red bean paste.  Although duplicated concept, these could be our second in favourite after the curry!

CoCo Ichibanya was not the perfect curry we were expecting.  Nevertheless, it is probably within the top 5 Japanese curry in Singapore.

Address: 68 Orchard Road, #03-73, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 23839
Tel: 6238 7539
1) Omu Kinoko – S$13.90++
2) Omu Pork Cutlet – S$16.90++
3) Chicken Wings – S$5.40++
4) Matcha Cake – S$4.80++
5) Single Scoop – S$3.80++
Note: this restaurant serves FOC iced/warm water.

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