In our continue hunt for the best carbonara in Singapore, we have come to this unlikely place, the Moly Roffey’s Irish Pub, which is located next to the exit D of Bras Basah MRT station. You will not missed the frontage large windows with their business name prominently printed on the main entrance.  As you entered the premises, you could instantly noticed the huge bar counter in the middle of the old west furnishings.  The tables and seats were mostly dark wood; the victoria ceiling lights emits the lazy warm white adding on to the cosy touch.





There was a portrait of Moly Roffrey but there was nothing mentioned on the pub’s webpage of her stake in the business.  However, the love for Arsenal FC was apparant with the prominent display of club’s flag, players’ autographs and even the standee of the Coach, Arsene Wenger himself.  English football fans should know the bonding of Irish and the gunners.

On the menu, there were wide choices of western cuisines like steaks, burger, spring chicken, fish & chips, pasta etc. many in Irish-style (of course).  They also offered some Asian and Singapore fares as well.  We ordered our targeted carbonara together with their ranch ribeye steak, fried soft shell crabs, and apple crumble.




We shall leave the verdict of the carbonara in later paragraph.  Their ribeye steak was rather templated with the usual presentation and taste that you could find in some local kopitiam at half the price.  However, we were impressed with the soft shell crabs, which comprises 4 palm size crab fritters, 3 fried “mantou” (Chinese steamed bun), and chilli crab sauce to dip. This is inspired by the fame Singapore dish and definitely win over locals.  We imagined this will be a good beer companion too.


Coming to the dessert, apple crumble, we thought it was nicely done.  The plate layout was appealing, spotting contrasting colours from the red berry, blue berry, and green decorative plants.  The crust was soft but still maintained the crunchiness.  The apple filling was appropriately sweet and blends well with the vanilla ice-cream.  We would recommend this if you are looking for just a tea snack.


Finally, the carbonara.  Having tasted the Swedish rendition elsewhere (review HERE), the version in Moly Roffrey was pale in comparison.  However, to be fair, they have gotten everything correctly, the rich chesse, the moist, the generous bacon and ham.  Forgetting our best review, this could have clinched the top on our list of carbonara!

Moly Roffrey may not have scored highly on their cuisines overall but could be among the memorable pub dining experiences we have.  Special thanks to the patient service staffs for our repeated request for the chilli crab sauce and many rounds of shameless serving ourselves the free flow ice-water.

Restaurant: Molly Roffey’s Irish
Address: 51 Bras Basah Road, #01-02A, Manulife Centre
Tel: 6238 0989
1) Soft Shell Crab Fry – S$16 nett
2) Carbonara – S$16 nett
3) Ranch Ribeye Steak – S$24 nett
4) Apple Crumble – S$10 nett

Note: Iced water is free and self service from their bar









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