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The Fairyfloss Crepe Story
This unique and addictive delicacy is one of the most famous snack known as Roti Saimai in an ancient city of Thailand, Ayuthaya. It comes in a form of hand-made crepes and hand-pulled floss, it is of tedious process in the making of hand-made dough having the right texture and using the dough to hand-make the crepes on a hot pan. The crepes has zero preservatives and they are required to be made freshly daily. As for the floss, it is equally tedious to continuously hand-pull melted candies till it becomes soft strands of flosses.

An Amazing Product
All our products are carefully hand-made from scratch using original ingredients from Thailand with a legendary old recipe since a few decades ago. Fairyfloss is the first savory-sweet snack concept in Singapore, you will find our crepes are soft, spongy and moist, and floss are silky soft, as they are freshly made daily. Fairyfloss has a unique mystical taste like magic and a wonderful aftertaste which compliment every bite through the crepes that melts the floss in your mouth.

In order to suit the local taste buds in Singapore, the hand-pulled candyfloss sugar has been reduced by at least half to cater to the heath conscious consumers in Singapore. The hand-made crepes are made softer so that even older people are able to consume Fairyfloss crepes easily.

Product Colors & Flavors you rarely see
Fairyfloss brings to you several vibrant colors and flavors on both the crepes and floss which attract all patrons and guests with a well resembled unicorn’s hair, many have questioned and tried this unbelievably wonderful snack. With our numerous pop-up stores around Singapore, it has since proven Fairyfloss to be addictive with many returning customers.

Product Credibility
Reviews from netizens and customers have proven that Fairyfloss is a snack for people of all ages. Older generations paired Fairyfloss with their morning coffee during breakfast. Nevertheless, majority of our regular customers whom purchased Fairyfloss love the concept of crepes with floss. Fairyfloss products are unique as it provides quality time with families and friends.

The sharing and customizable crepes and flavoured floss have provided our customer with pleasant dinner time spent with their families, rolling and savoring the delicious products. Each standard set contained 10 crepes and two standard flavor (retailing at $12.90 each set), but, for customers with sweet tooth, they love to add more flavored floss to the dessert.

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Business URLs:
Website: www.fairyflossofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fairyflossofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fairyflossofficial

Existing Business Location:
CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street, #01-07, Singapore (338729)

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Fairyfloss Menu:
1.Fairyfloss crepes (x10): $5.90
2.Fairyfloss floss (180g): $8.90 – $10.90
3.Fairyfloss Duo Set (Two Floss Colours): $12.90
4.Fairyfloss Trio Set (Three Floss Colours): $13.90
5.Fairyfloss Quartet Set (Four Floss Colours): $14.90
6.Fairy Ribbon Set (Two Floss Colours in Container): $15.90
7.Fairycolourful Set (All 7 Floss Colours & 4-6 Crepes Colours): $19.90
8.Fairycolourful Set (All 7 Floss Colours in Container & 4-6 Crepes Colours): $22.90
9.Fairycolourful Premium Set (All 7 Floss Colours & 4-6 Crepes Colours) x2: $35
10.Fairycolourful Premium Set (All 7 Floss Colours in Container & 4-6 Crepes Colours) x2: $38

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