Introducing two Thai restaurants, Gin Khao and Som Tam!

Gin Khao- where Good Food is made casual
Gin Khao, located at East Coast Parkway, is a Thai restaurant that seeks to offer a different casual dining experience for their customers. The vibe ties in with the restaurant namesake, which means ‘eat rice’. Food wise, the emphasis is on sharing, proportional servings that allow groups of various sizes to grab a comprehensive sampling of the dishes without busting their gut. Gin Khao serves Modern Thai Cuisine, specially tailored and fine tuned to suit the Locals’ palates with interpretations on authentic Thai Food such as Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($12.80), Pan-Seared Squids Coated in Savory Salted Egg Cream ($14.80), Crayfish Served With Glass Noodles in Claypot ($16.80) and many more! With the inclusion of modern reinvent Thai delicacies such as Prawn and Green Mango Relish Served with Rice Crackers ($7.80), Green Curry Gelato Served with Black Sticky Rice ($8.80) and Sticky rice Gelato ($3.00) to create a complete gratifying Thai dining experience. Prepare to immerse yourself in the nice ambience brought about by their simple yet elegant architectural design.Coupled with the quality service and the wallet friendly pricing, undeniably points to it being the preferred place to chill and hang out!

Gin Khao

Gim Khao full menu

Som Tam – We give Thai Food a new leash of Life
Located at Orchard Central, Som Tam is a purveyor of Modern Thai Fusion dining. Som Tam doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to conveying their food identity- that their Food speaks for themselves. Their highly qualified chefs seek to serve both quality interpretations of classic dishes with a modern twist and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Thai food. Prepare to be embraced by different culinary traditions, cuisine types and cooking methods in their food offerings from Street Delights such as Salmon Tataki ($11.80), Katsou Bonito ($11.80), all the way to Mains like Krapow Chicken Burger ($12.80) or the somewhat suggestive 50 Shades of Chicken. Perpetuating the word “Fusion”, all their dishes are tailored to enrich their diners’ taste buds with a burst of flavours, so that one could have a complete sensory experience when they feast at Som Tam at any time of the day. Not just the Food offering but the layout and design of the restaurant also assimilate and insinuate “creativity”. The colour scheme help to emphasize the notion that change is a constant at Som Tam and that our service crews as in our Food are a lively bunch and seek to serve with vigor and enthusiasm. The classy and relaxing ambience sets the mood to escape from one’s busy schedule, whether you are here for business or leisure.


Som Tam
Som Tam full Menu

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