You have chance by the website for chattering on food, snacks and anything delicious, about our tiny beloved country, Singapore! Because we are a multi-cultural nation, there are just no end to gourmet surprises in our shopping belts, foodstreets, and even the suburb towns!

Yummychitchat was started in 2011 by a few avid foodies.  We have since built good viewership among local fans and business owners, who have also helped us with the contents on our website.  Now you may think that we are earning pocket money doing this but the fact is we are driven by passion and interest only!  Yummychitchat is a non-profit motivating, hobbyist website!

We strive to deliver the best content by constantly reaching out to businesses and like-minded foodies to work with.  If you are the owner/operator of a restaurant, eateries, cafe etc. please feel free to contact us for discussion on the publicity of your products on our website.  If you are a blogger, we welcome you to share your food articles with us.  We would also be most honoured for you to join our sponsored food review/outing.

Now some terms and conditions we wish you to observe,

DO NOT treat the information on this website as professional opinions and claim for compensation of any kind if the results does not live up to or varies from your expectations.

However if you like this website, please share with your friends or put a link of this website on your website or blog. We most welcome constructive comments but only if they are shared in a polite and civilise manner. Rude, mean, or snobbish comments will not be entertained.

Thank you for reading so much. We hope you have a great time surfing Yummychitchat.

If you have comments or suggestions that you wanted to discuss privately, please drop an email to letterbox@yummychitchat.com or yummychitchat@yahoo.com.sg in case our primary email is encountering technical issue.

As we are working people and home-maker at the same time, we may not be able to reply your email immediately. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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