Whenever a food stall added a local street in front of its name, somehow it will raise patron’s confident of their cuisines.  Eunos MRT Bak Kut Teh, a new stall located in the coffeshop at Blk 419 Tampines St 41 has certainly used the gimmick to make us wanting to buy their food to satisfy our curiosity.

So what is the Eunos Bak Kut Teh doing in Tampines?  No prize for getting the correct answer.  As we approach the stall to place our orders, we are frustrated by the disoriented behaviour of the service staff.  Even the stall holder has to keep screaming the instructions.  Under such pressure, the service staff took even longer than usual to bring the food to us.

Anyway, we have ordered their Pork Ribs soup and Salted vegetables.  The Pork Ribs are of the softness we love; you just need to lightly chew on the meat and the soft bones.  The soup is not overly peppered like most reputable Bak Kut Teh stall.  Instead, the soup is sweet with a nice level of spice.

The main dish is good but it turns out that the salted vegetable is the surprise winner.  The vegetables is chopped into much larger pieces for the crunchiness.  Even better, it is served hot!  Yummy!

Eunos MRT Bak Kut Teh also sell braised pig’s trottle, Pig’s liver kidney mee sua, Pig’s tail soup, Beancurd skin, Peanuts etc.

Name of Coffee Shop: 419 F & B
Stall Name: Eunos MRT Bak Kut Teh
Address: Blk 419 Tampines street 41, #01-80, Singapore 520419
1) Spare rib soup – S$6.50 / S$9.00
2) Pig’s tail soup – S$6.00 / S$8.00 / S$10.00
3) Small ribs soup – S$6.00 / S$8.00 / S$12.00
4) Braised pig’s trotter – S$5.00 / S$7.00 / S$9.00 / S$12.00
5) Pig’s liver kidney mee sua – S$5.00
6) Pig’s liver kidney soup – S$5.00 / S$7.00 / S$9.00 / S$12.00
7) Pork Ribs Soup for single serving – S$5.00 / S$7.00 / S$9.00 / S$12.00
8) Salted Vegetables – S$2.00 / S$3.00
9) Beancurd skin S$2.00 / S$3.00
10) Plain Rice per serving – S$0.50

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