Written by Auntie Helen – When we read an advertisement, it is certainly understood that the real thing may be slightly below what has been described or pictured.  But when the restaurant is situated in an upclass shopping mall along Orchard road, has six thousands plus “Like” on their Facebook page, has an award winning dish, and the patronage of celebrities, you would have expected them to deliver far more than the promises.  The Orange Lobster at Orchard Central is the restaurant that fueled my confidence when I spotted their promotional coupons from the Plus! Bigdeal website.  I am so sure of it that I have invited a few friends to join me for a dinner outing to celebrate our Nation’s 47th Birthday.  I am utterly shamed!

First, the much touted, award decorated Lobster porridge only feels higher class rather than better taste.  Perhaps, any junior chef could add a pricier ingredient such as caviare, and clinched more medals?

Next, the disapponting short buffet menu of only about 20 dishes, which 7 of them (including the signature Lobster porridge) are limited to one serving only.   I have to acknowledge that their one-serving smoked duck meats and scallops with garlic are good treats.  However, they are not good enough to cover the either savorless or overly salty free flow orders.  By the way, the actual presentations of their dishes are way different from the promotional pictures.  Please check out the below photos and judge it for yourself.

Finally, the service staffs do not bother about your dirty side plates or empty teapot.  It really irks me when they insisted that they only have red cut chilli as condiment.  Nevertheless, you could enjoy a good laugh reading their poorly spelled and awfully translated buffet menu.

To my friends who have joined me: I am so sorry for the frustrations.  Auntie Helen feels like she is a guinea pig at a cooking class this time.

Below photos are the comparison between the featured image on Big! Plusdeal.com (top picture) and the actual dishes (bottom picture): Where goes the soup for the Drunken Prawn?  Is that Spicy Sotong or deep fried calamari I am having? Are those soup dumplings instead of Gyoza?  

The top Picture is extracted from Plus! Bigdeal and bottom picture is the actual Mei Jiang Braised Smoked Duck. There is no sauce to go with the dish.

The top Picture is from Plus! Bigdeal and the bottom is the actual Shimeiji Mushroom with Naibai Vegetables. It seem that they are using another type of mushroom for the dish.


Restaurant Name: THE ORANGE LOBSTER (Long Xia Zhou Shi Jia)
Address: 181 Orchard Road #08-09, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: 66347318
Website: http://longxiazhou.blogspot.sg/

– Kids who are below 1.2 metres tall will be charged at half price.
– Wet towel will be charged at S$0.50++ per piece.
– All foods and drinks are subject to 7% GST and 10% service charge.
– All unfinshed foods are subject to charges.
– All chinese teas are served in tea pot (unlimited refill) and for 3 guests and below will be charged at S$8.00++ . For 4 guests and above will be charged at S$12.00++.
– No iced water is served in this restaurant and per bottle mineral water is charged at S$2.00++.
– All orders will be on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited supply of ingredients.
– Above buffet is currently not available for walk-in customers and ala-carte and set meal menus are only available for walk-in customers.

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