NO SIGNBOARD Seafood Restaurant could be considered one of the iconic chinese restaurant in Singapore.  The brand name is simple and catchy.  The logo featuring a menace crab aptly represent the lively seafood the restaurant is selling.

Having such a huge reputation definitely raised anyone’s expectation for the brand.  Therefore, when my colleagues invited me for a celebration lunch at the restaurant’s The Central outlet, I am excited that I may be in for some delectable cuisines.

The hosts have played “safe” by ordering the common dishes: Deep fried “You Tiao”, Crispy Butter Chicken, Spinach soup, Cereal prawn, Sambal Kang Kong,  White pepper crabs, and fried rice.  Although these are straight forward dishes, anyone still would have expected No Signboard to add surprises to them.  However, I am disappointed that the food came just as they are, the usual affair.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that the dishes taste bad.  In fact, most of them feels like from the hands of my mother:  The You Tiao and cereal prawns are crispy and appetizing;  The crabs are huge and fresh; The vegetables are nicely cooked and crunchy;  The chicken has the correct tenderness.  But when we are paying to enjoy a meal, it has to exceed what we have at home.  By the way, my mum would have shake her head if she has the bland fried rice here.

This review is on No Signboard, The Central outlet only.  Check out the following photos showing the dishes:



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