Updates on 31 Jan 2012 – I have returned to the Din-Gi noodle house with two friends. While I am wanting to eat the Pork-rib noodle (soup) again, my companions have decided to try the Tomato & Egg Noodle, and the Minced Pork Noodle.

The tomato & Egg noodle is a large bowl of overwhelming amount of noodles and tomatoes boiled in the soup. But this is only for those who love the sour-sweet tast of the tomatoes. The Minced Pork noodle is disappointing as the sauce is too thin and watery.

Fortunately for me, I have sticked to the Pork-rib noodle (soup). I am glad that it is still as satisfying as I first had it.

Price: Tomato & Egg noodle S$7.50; Minced Pork noodle S$8.20

Featured on 10 Sep 2011
I am curious about this newly opened restaurant at the basement one of Plaza Singapura, therefore decided to check it out.

First impression, I was intrigued by the variety of Chinese noodles and dim sums on their menu.  Although spoilt for choices, I could only down limited dishes over my lunch time. After much pondering, I finally settled down with the Pork-rib noodle (soup) and also the side snacks, deep-fried pumpkin cakes and Cold spinach.

The main dish arrived shortly. I am immediately satisfied with the generous serving of stewed pork-ribs. The meat itself is tender enough for a soft biting person like me.  However, the highlight of the dish, is the handmade ‘one-strand’ noodle. Under the master hands of the restaurant’s Chinese chefs, the noodle feels thick and bouncy. It also an artwork cooking just one, long strand of noodle. I must applaud such skill.

The main dish sure impressed. But it a pity that their sides failed to wow me as much. The deep-fried pumpkin cakes are too oily for me. Moreover, there is not much of pumpkin flavour in them and they tasted much like the deep-fried ‘nian gao’.  The Cold spinach are only as standard as those found in most Japanese restaurants.

Throughout my short patronage, the service staff were generally polite and prompt with their services. The restaurant do imposed a 10% service charge but not the GST if you are dining in. If you disliked restaurants charging you ice water nowadays, here, the sky juice is Free.

Overall, this is still a simple venue to lunch with your colleagues. Although I am in favour of only a third of my order today, still, I am tempted to return another day for other dishes on the menu.

Location: Plaza Singapura #B2-50/51
Price: Pork-rib noodle soup (S$8.80), deep-fried pumpkin cakes (S$3.00) and Cold spinach (S$3.00)

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