The Farmland potato crisp is an oversize potato chip that tasted like an overly salted cream cracker.  At a first bite you thought it is just typical.  However, you will soon wanted more as the “kick” set in.  Too bad, there are just eight individual sachets within and each contain only five pieces.  Anyone could finish them in a blink.

There are two flavour available: Cheese, and Seaweed flavour.  My preference is the cheese flavour, which have a stronger aftertaste.

The packaging says the crisp are oven baked, contain no cholesterol and no transfat.  The product is from Malaysia, therefore, it is halal certified.

Price: S$2.10 per box of 8 sachets (net weight 160 grams)
Venue: Available at Sheng Siong Supermarkets and Shop N Save Supermarket
** price may vary at different provision shops and supermarkets.

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